Sherpa0001: OMAKE – Florida

We hope you excuse our rather shameless self-promotion, but our Marco just started a brand new label that (we think) deserves all your encouragement. It’s called Sherpa Records and, when it comes to Italian musicians, intends to operate very much like this blog: it will be here to support those projects that need to cross national boundaries to find their proper dimension.

The first release of the newborn label comes from OMAKE, the equally newborn solo project of Francesco Caprai, a rather well-known figure in the Tuscan punk-hardcore scene who’s now tending to folk. As you might expect, his music – and consequently the two songs on the Florida 7” – ends up to avoid any particular genre definition, sounding simultaneously like the early-Kozelek and American Football, like Scott Walker playing with Sixpence None The Richer and, in the end, absolutely personal.

Listen below, then download both the songs through Bandcamp while waiting for the first press of the vinyl. It should be ready by the end of summer.