Sharaya Summers – Light Of The Moon

Raised in Portland and now based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Sharaya Summers steps out of the shadows today with a beautiful song called Light Of The Moon which, it has to be said, really embraces the timeless vibe of the city of Angels. Led by dreamy guitars and soft arrangements, the track sounds extra smooth also due to Sharaya’s charming vocal delivery.

Speaking on the songwriting behind this track, Sharaya Summers stated: “I started this song a few years back. I was in a dark and lonely place, disappointed in how my life was turning out. It sat unfinished, unresolved. The chorus didn’t come until a while later on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevadas. I looked over this massive glacier lake, staring at the moon, and in a way, it was deeply healing for me. It was a reminder that my problems are so trivial and I’m not owed any answers.

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