Shallow Sanction – Shallow Sanction / Ouroboros

The newborn punk trio Shallow Sanction recently came out from the darkest corners of London with two tracks taken from their forthcoming six-track debut EP, coming soon on Hospital Productions. The dark label, led by Dominick Fernow (a.k.a. Prurient/Vatican Shadow, former member of Cold Cave), has always dealt with noise, industrial, black metal and more recently techno, so the Shallow Sanction EP will be its first proper punk release. Do your maths.

The trio, formed by Jesse Cannon, Jake Gill and Rob Kay, makes awesome i-wanna-smash-everything punk and goth deathrock, that you’ll surely love if you are into bands like Pissed Jeans, Iceage, Pop. 1280 and The Men.

We don’t know when the EP will be released but we’re certainly looking forward to hear it and to see Shallow Sanction live. It will be painful.