Seeing Hands – Love You Still

Mind-pops, pieces of words, pictures, soothing melodies. Every time it happens, listen to a new Seeing Hands‘ song turn out to be an awkward but pleasant experience. There’s this visual approach to their music that takes the listener entirely into a comfort zone where it is possible to enjoy a feeling of empathy and awareness. Love You Still, the third single released from the Newcastle four-piece makes their sound even more clear and distinct. Lay down on super soft atmospheres the whimsical worth vocals, reminiscent to that 80s vibe, open out the melodic ability, veering towards an ambitious and glimmering dream-pop. Nostalgic arrangements and bouncy rhythms, hanging in swelling synths and guitar twangs squeeze into every drop of creativity, in a performance of absolute fascination. Dig it? Stream the latest single below and keep them high on your radar!