Seeing Hands – It’s True

Sometimes I find myself tossing and turning an old picture in the hands. It’s not the same as adding the Nostalgia filter on the Instagram; it is better. Pure things make the biggest difference, and that goes for music too. Take, for instance, the new release from the Newcastle quartet Seeing Hands; the formula is straightforward and fruitful: It’s True has a robust and dynamic rhythmic texture, at the same time light and deeply and only apparently simple, that disguises a well-thought out compositive process. So, between dissonance and reverberation, dreamy run-up and choral moments, these guys rig up a dream pop journey with shoegaze and lo-fi shades. The jangly guitars, the heartbeats drum, the bouncy basslines, everything, is in its right place. Produced by Alex Greaves and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, The Shins), Check it out!