Sea Moya – Nothing Is Real

Time for something different today. Even if we never wrote about them, Sea Moya is a well-known name inside the blogosphere, three boys from Germany with a very eclectic aesthetic that has nothing to do with the grey metropolitan landscapes of the city where they live. Glimpses of Africa immersed in a psychedelic mixture, all held together by an intelligent and pretty original production. That’s how their latest single Nothing Is Real sounds,  a song that, with their own words, “incorporates our love for lo-fi sounds and worldly percussive beats. It has a charismatic bass line, a solid afrobeat-esque drum groove and synths that dance and float around. The vocal samples and vocals are pretty simple, which worked great for us in that context“.

Nothing Is Real is taken from Sea Moya‘s upcoming Baltic States EP, which will be released later this year.