Sea Bed – Geneva

Lizzie Massey and Jim Corbin are Sea Bed, a rising nu-r’n’b duo hailing from Brighton, England. They’re about to release – via Four Thieves Records – a new EP called The Art Of Living, from which is taken this mesmerizing song titled Geneva. It is a blurry, contemporary-R&B number framed by an electro-soaked production, which contributes to create a sort of ethereal vibe suspended between classic trip-hop productions and anything that comes from the Italians Do It Better’s catalogue.

Speaking on the track, Sea Bed said that the song is about “deceit, deception and betrayal. It’s about the dangers of becoming co-dependent in love, and the vulnerability in beginning to rely on someone, other than yourself, for happiness.

Listen below.

The Art Of Living EP is out on October 10th via Four Thieves Records.