School of X – Words

Rasmus Littauer is a Copenhagen-based artist who is currently touring the world as drummer for MØ and Major Lazer. So as you can easily imagine, he doesn’t have a lot of downtime moments. But when it happens, he spends his time writing and producing music as School Of X, his solo project that just debuted a new track called Words. This first official release blends synth-driven swirling melodies, melancholic vocals and thriving percussions, creating a playful soundscape that includes psych-pop vibes with a vein of experimental electronic in it.

Speaking about his music, Littauer said: “My songs are usually about a state of mind. It’s rarely a narrative. Words is about fiercely wanting something but at the same time not being able to let go of what you already have. It’s a feeling I think everyone recognizes in all aspects of life, including myself.

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