Scavenger Hunt – Sweet Talk

I think I’ll cut this very short since this track is so good that you should just press play immediately and dance to it like nobody’s watching! But hey, don’t let me down and read my little blurb first. As you should know by now, Scavenger Hunt is the electro-pop duo formed by producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Mufson and vocalist/songwriter Jill Lamoureux. The project draws clearly inspiration from ’80s electronic pop music and from more recent acts with whom they probably shared the same music listenings when they were kids (i.e. Robyn).

The new offering, Scavenger Hunt, is a a fizzy pop number marked by some of the most sparkling synths I heard this year and, of course, by Jill’s sugary vocals. Speaking on the track, Scavenger Hunt said: “Lyrically, ‘Sweet Talk’ is about control (or lack there of), the dynamics and the ups and downs of being in love. Musically, we wanted to create something that felt new and old at the same time.