Saux – LIWY

Based in Amsterdam, 22-year-old producer and DJ Saux is building his credibility thanks to his electronic offering that blends liquid electronics, African-tinged beats and nu-soul vibes. His latest single LIWY makes no exception, unraveling around a beat that is taken from disco music, while vocals instead wink to the most recent alt-soul trend and a funk guitar peeps out somewhere in the middle, strengthened by an analogue synthesizer. Speaking on the track, the Dutch producer said: “LIWY came together very naturally. I was listening to records that had only a few elements but were really tight and heavily compressed. I wanted to recreate that warm saturated sound. Lyrically the track is about distance in a relationship, and how you can be very much together whilst miles apart, but then far apart when you’re in the same room. It’s exciting for me to sing on my own tracks friend, and the track is the first piece to feature the producer’s it makes the emotional tie even stronger.