Saux – Coast To Coast (feat. Sadie)

Dutch rising producer Saux has unveiled the fourth release on his own imprint Cahors Recordings, a compelling collab with London up-and-coming singer Sadie. It’s a modern take of ’80s disco, where analogue synth hooks and soft beats meet fresh electronic nuances and subtle funk-ish guitars. Saux’s and Sade’s voices smoothly interweave, giving voice to the inner thoughts of the young producer about ever-changing cityscapes and the relationships that these environments facilitate.

Speaking on this subject, Saux said: “Coast To Coast is about looking forward to meeting someone again after a while and feeling tense because things might have changed. I kept playing this familiar scenario over in my head whilst writing this song – you’re in the back of a taxi driving through the city at night, unsure of what the destination will bring. Lights are passing you by and starting to see places you recognise…