Samantha Urbani – Go Deeper

Long time no see! Former Friends’ leader Samantha Urbani is back with new music and a self-directed video for her single Go Deeper, out now via Lucky Number. The track is a 6 minutes 20 seconds electro-pop jam that puts together cinematic synthesizers, ’80s-drenched pop textures and Urbani’s sensual vocals into one shimmering pot that perfectly fits with the aesthetic of Jimmy Giannopoulos, who shot the Go Deeper‘s visuals. So so good!

Samantha recently released a beautiful interview to Dazed, in which she also announced the release of new EP Policies of Power and spoke about the new track: “On ‘Go Deeper’, the verses sound like heartbreak, but it’s the principle of visibility, accountability, calling each other out, and getting to the bottom of things rather than just skimming over them when they get hard. There’s a lot of shit that’s in all of our minds about accountability and representation. I called the EP Policies of Power because it’s about power dynamics, but like pop in the classical sense, you can talk about it in the form of love in order to get a point across.