SAKIMA – What I Know Now (feat. AOBeats)

SAKIMA is not exactly a newcomer to this site. In fact we have already talked about him and here you will know our first impression about this bright pop artist that is shaking the indipendent scene. His newest work is called What I Know Now and it’s an electro-pop pearl that illuminates the new world of electronic music. SAKIMA, who loves to create digital sounds adding his solo voice skills, shows incredible technique in his latest release.

What I Know Now, which is a collaboration with Moving Castle‘s member AOBeats, plays out as a powerful piece of art, blending futuristic sounds, profound vocals and gentle synths. SAKIMA shows that pop music is not only beauty and transgression, but also skills, heart and dedication. This trend is evolving in many artists we appreciated and valued like K?D, Angie and John.k so keep them an eye because it could be an interesting electro-pop movement.