Saint Mesa – Jungle

Saint Mesa is the moniker for self-taught multi-instrumentalist Danny McCook, a 21-year-old artist hailing from Mission Viejo, California. Danny was hospitalized several times over the past two years for a mysterious illness that weakened and forced him to isolation. During those periods, Danny wrote the songs that eventually will be part of his upcoming debut EP Jungle: “When I was writing these [songs], I was in a really dark place. There came a point in time where I was on the hospital bed for the fifth time and just sort of gave up and accepted whatever my fate would be.

One day, while the doctors were still clueless about the origin of it, the disease disappeared. Danny started travel with his brother Isaac, a photographer and visual artist whose work has then become the official artwork of Saint Mesa. The upcoming EP is a collection of spiritual and natural-inspired songs that obviously owe much to Danny’s new approach to life after the illness. The title track for example brings together the classic side of soul with an imaginative, electronic-tinged production that sounds particularly representative of the current musical times. Speaking about what he’s doing, Saint Mesa stated: “My goal in all this is to create a world people can escape to and find moments in, whether peace in turmoil, hope in dark times, or inspiration during creative blocks.