Sad Palace – Breeze / Rainbow Melt

Hailing from the South Coast of England, guitar-pop four-piece Sad Palace have just dropped their sophomore single Breeze off an upcoming limited edition cassette which will be released by tastemaker label Kissability on December 9th. The track is blessed by an insane groove, thanks to the colorful mix of multi-layered math-rock guitars à la Everything Everything and catchy pop hooks. So don’t be surprised if at the end of the day you find yourself wanting to listen to it again and again.

Speaking about Breeze, Sad Palace said that “the song is about knowing something is over before it begins. It leaves you in a strange place, I think we have a sixth sense about these things, in your heart of hearts you can feel when it’s not going to happen, but part of you wants to keep going out of curiosity, and maybe sympathy.

Check out Sad Palace’s debut single Rainbow Melt below.