Sabrina Claudio – Orion’s Belt

Los Angeles artist Sabrina Claudio built her large and loyal fanbase like many other artist of this Internet era, ie posting covers on Youtube and Soundcloud for years. Only recently, she felt confident enough to reveal some original material. Actually not just a single, but a 6-track EP titled Confidently Lost dropped in full through Soundcloud. This record is loaded of R&B gems and, honestly, it’s a very tough call to pick just a track from it. We opt for Orion’s Belt, a song where Sabrina’s soulful and haunting vocals shine over an essential yet extremely vivid production. If you dig acts such as Jones, Kehlani, Mapei or TĀLĀ, you might have found your new favourite EP.

Head to Soundcloud to hear the Sabrina Claudio’s debut EP Confidently Lost.