Ryan Egan – Restoration

It seems that Luca Buccellati might be the next Kind Midas of American alt-pop music. In the last months, he produced and played with some of the most promising acts recently emerged , like Yellerkin, RÉN and Tei Shi, and he also found the time to release a great solo track which features the charming voice of Tei Shi. Now he’s back behind the production desk to refine the debut single of 26-year-old NY-based artist Ryan Egan, who just released Restoration, a song that gives us a short but effective taste of his vocal skills. The track rests on a deep, wonderful bassline around which Ryan’s amazing falsetto shines in a swirl of haunting warbles.

Egan spoke to Noisey about Restoration and said: “It’s a song about hitting the reset button, a rebirth. It’s something that will and should happen many times throughout our lives, artistic and otherwise. It’s good to acknowledge where we’ve gone wrong and not be afraid to expose our faults so that we can move forward and grow in a positive way. I think everyone can relate to that.

Listen to Restoration and reconnect with Luca’s solo tune Best On below