RUUMER – Heels

Last year we introduced to our readers RUUMER, the electronic pop project from Melissa and Jessica Labbadia. Since the release of House Of Cards though, the duo has remained silent for a while, breaking the quietness only a few days ago to release a new compelling feminist anthem called Heels. The track falls down from a cascade of bouncing beats and fuzzy electronic sounds, which create the fiery soundscape that holds up the shimmering vocals that bless the record.

Speaking to Galore, RUUMER said: “We have always been feminists. Everything we do, everything we create, everything we write is rooted in empowering women. Now more than ever, we think it’s a vital time to focus on equality in all forms. Heels are a stereotypical symbol of femininity, so we wanted to write the song about women doing badass things in their heels to throw a wrench in the stigma.