Rude Grl – That’s The Way It Is (Survival of the Sickest)

Rude Grl is a new collaborative project between Jenna Dickens and Ben Langmaid (formerly?) of La Roux. As Popjustice perfectly points out, exactly as La Roux we don’t get to see him in the promo shots but we assure you that he’s there. They have just dropped their debut single That’s the Way It Is (Survival of the Sickest), a thumping and infectious electro hip-hop tune that channels serious ’80s vibes (also because it samples Run DMC’s It’s Like That) wrapped in a fizzy production that gives it a fresh and contemporary sound.

Pretty much everyone involved in the project has something to say about it. Jenna Dickens stated: “I’m so excited to get this music out there! I hope it causes some mayhem. Ben is like a big brother to me, he’s really been there for me personally, as well as in music. That’s what has made the music so special. We were allowed a space to put everything into it: the raw and the real…no holding back!

Ben Langmaid said: “Jenna and I clicked immediately, as soon as we met. When it comes to her rhymes and flows, combined with the journey she’s been through, she’s a musical force to be reckoned with. She is the real deal, and a true star, so I was excited to work with her and I’m really proud of the music we’ve created!

The song has been released through Rat Boy’s brand new label SCUM and of course he wants to say something too: “I’m excited to announce my own label SCUM RECS. I’ll be working with and releasing new artists that I’m excited about. Rude Grl is our first release. Jenna has had a tough upbringing and she channels it into witty playful bars over 80’s styled beats. I’ll be welcoming loads of different styles and sounds to SCUM RECS from everywhere around the world

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