Rose Villain – Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool

Let’s face it: people go to the movies for heroes, but stay for villains. With a team of the world’s most dangerous super villains arriving in theaters this month thanks to the Suicide Squad’s movie, why then not introducing Italy’s freshest villain?

Produced by SIXPM, Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool is the debut single by Milan-native, NYC-based popstress Rose Villain. Reminiscent of early Rihanna, the song stands out for its futuristic production that blends modern dance-tinged background beat and African tribal percussions, over which Villain’s provocative attitude and tounge-in-cheek vocals complete a very promising first offering.

A lil more about Rose Villain: she moved to LA when she was 18, where she formed a punk band called The Villains (of course!). When they disbanded, she kept the name and focused on new stuff, eventually becoming the first female act on Machete Records, a very important Italian rap label. Or at least was a rap label, since Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool is defo not rap. Actually is pop at its finest and you’d better watch the official video below.