Rose Villain – Geisha

When we introduced Rose Villain a few months ago, we labeled her as Italy’s freshest villain. But what if we were spectacularly wrong? What if she was a hero instead, ready to rescue the most stagnant pop scene ever from itself? Maybe it’s too early to jump to conclusions, but the charismatic persona of Milano-native, NYC based artist is there and it’s undeniable, as you can hear in her new single Geisha. Backed by a shining production built around bouncing electronic percussions and sparkling multi-layered textures, the song vaguely reminds me of the latest MØ and highlights Rose’s high-pitched, cheeky vocals.

Speaking on the track to Impose, Rose said: “It’s about the love for a man and the devotion that a geisha can have, which is very misunderstood. Modern society has depicted geishas incorrectly for many years. Geishas are masters of art, and they’re cultured, intelligent, independent women. So the love of the story is very healthy and individual. My boyfriend does have a tiger tattoo.