Rodes Rollins – Young & Thriving

Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado, Rodes Rollins is a singer/songwriter who now calls home both New York and Los Angeles, but also known well the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, where she lived enough time to be inspired to write part of her upcoming Young Adult EP. Young & Thriving is the first single to be lifted from the extended play and, as the whole record, it was produced by Alex Goose (Keving Gates, Weezer). Reminiscent of Angel Olsen’s darkest moments, it’s a song that conveys obvious songwriting skills and subtle psychedelic guitar touches into a brooding mid-tempo marked by the pounding drumming of Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa.

Speaking on the track, Rodes said: ​​​​​​​”I wrote ‘Young & Thriving’ in the middle of the night last summer in LA. It was one of those songs that almost came to me in a dream. My upcoming EP ‘Young Adult’ centers around the formative experiences from my youth. So ‘Young & Thriving’ felt like the perfect song to lead with because it’s a reflection on the formative moments and relationships that make up one’s youth.