Rob Clouth – Clockwork Atom EP

Do you remember of this video? Well, I’ll give you the confirmation that usually behind the funniest humour hides pure geniality. In fact, the author of this silly joke is Rob Clouth, an electronic music composer from Bristol (now based in Barcelona) and in this post we’re talking about his latest EP (out on Leisure System), which is entitled Clockwork Atom. After an early career as glitchstep mastermind Vaetxh, Clouth has took it to the next level, conveying his fragmented sound into fluent techno patterns. Easy to say, the EP recalls the pioneristic electronic scene of the 90s (Aphex Twin, Autechre, etc.) and, at the same time, of many contemporary spokesman of “electronica” (like Amon Tobin and Jon Hopkins). Also, the manieristic dedication on the quality of sound (Cloth is, first of all, a sound designer) juxtaposes the artist with another master of emotional techno music: Mr. Max Cooper.

Knowing everything about the machines can lead to miss certain feelings. Not this time. Check out the preview of the EP over here, then listen to Islands Of Glass in its entirety below.