RITUAL – Wouldn’t Be Love

London contemporary R&B quartet RITUAL return today with Wouldn’t Be Love, their second offering since Mononoke offically joined the band. The songs serves as new installment of their audio/visual project No Escape Out Of Time. The brooding dark-pop vibes of tune are the perfect soundtrack for the visuals directed by Jackson Ducasse, following the narrative outline started in Drown The Lovers.

Speaking on the release, the band state: “Wouldn’t Be Love’ is a key track from the ‘No Escape Out Of Time’ project for us . The lyric ‘the line of love and hate, we walk until we break’ is one of our favourites and it speaks a lot about the themes these songs on the project explore. That line between loving someone to the point where you know they’ve changed you forever and yet then seeing your relationship fall apart and leave you feeling like you wish you’d never even me. At the same time, it’s a moment of realisation, accepting that ‘It Wouldn’t Be Love if it didn’t hurt nobody’. That experience and everything that comes with it, is really what we all crave.

Musically , it’s the kind of dark cinematic production we naturally gravitate to – we always try to combine the dark 90’s UK/Bristol type influences (Portishead, Tricky etc) but mix it up with the modern, forward thinking electronic music that excites us.