Ritual – Bottle Tops (ft. Mononoke)

RITUAL are undoubtedly one of the most intriguing alternative soul/R&B act that are making waves on the music scene among the myriad of similar projects. The London-based trio, who announced the release of their new EP Every Night Another But Not You’ (due out this Fall), have dropped a new compelling single called Bottle Tops that features the beautiful voice of alt-pop songstress Mononoke. The synth work around this track is simply perfect and significantly contributes to built the smooth, nocturnal electronic soundscape that permeates the tune. Slight R&B beats puncutate the song and set the pace to the polished, alluring singing of both Mononoke and RITUAL’s faceless singer.

Lyrics are intense and reveal a deeper meaning, which is explained better through RITUAL’s own words taken from an email exchange that came alongside the press release:: “I was going through a dark time. I’d find myself drinking more than I should to escape it, more than I could remember the next day. It’s hard to talk about it, even with you. I found myself putting the bottle tops in my jacket pocket so the next day I could count them and realise how many drink I’d had..

I was going missing for nights and I know people were worrying about me but when you’re in that place you isolate yourself in your own mind. It feels like nothing can change it.