Ripsy May – Black Wine

Born in Latvia with Armenian roots and then relocated to London, rising popstress Ripsy May has everything to become one of new obsessions. Over a modern, dark production reminiscent of early BANKS‘ works, the singer takes the whole scene in her debut single Black Wine, thanks to her seductive, MØ-esque voice and dealing immediately with a topic that, given her mixed origins, she has probably proven on her own skin: the perceptions of race.

Speaking about the track with Pigeons and Planes, which premiered Black Wine official video, Ripsy May said: “I had written a poem before the song about black and white, [or a] race divide of any kind, and how it affects us and how we see each other. The song was based off of that, and ‘Black Wine’ is essentially my word for propaganda. Sometimes people are a little too drunk on it.