RHEYA – Franchise

In 2014, Wild Nothing won the year thanks to his beautiful second album Nocturne, which I still hold dear to my heart. The love for that record or, better, the love for a certain guitar-driven pop sound that was all the rage in those years and on which a label like Captured Tracks has built its empire, brought together a bunch of Italian guys who then founded the buzz-blog you’re reading in this very moment.

That said, it should not be surprising to find a song like Franchise by RHEYA (the solo project of an anonymous Swedish artist) on Going Solo. Everything, from the dreamy multi-layered guitars to the ’80s-tinged breezy pop textures and the hazy vocals, reminds me of those carefree days. Not to mention that Rheya was also the title of Nocturne’s closing track. Coincidences? I don’t think so.

Franchise is part of RHEYA’s upcoming EP Union, which is out this Friday, March 3rd, via VÅRØ Records .