Rén With The Mane – Hypnotize

Once known simply as RÉN, Brooklyn based artist Rén with the Mane has returned with a new dope single called Hypnotize. Led by Rén’s wonderful voice, the song is one of those late-night song that slowly burns and grows, thanks to a crafted production that evolves throughout, keep adding instrumental layers and changing harmonies, with the result that everything sounds like a surprise within the 4.11 minutes of the song.

Speaking on Hypnotize to Atwood Mag, Rén with the Maine said: “Hypnotize’ is about the manipulation games one plays in order to get the person they want. Friends always say they ‘hate the game,’ and yet whenever their flings have that push and pull factor, I see them swoon. Wouldn’t it be nice it we didn’t have to work so hard for the lady or gent we admired, and could just put them under some sort of spell?

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