REFS – Forever

Zachary Lipkins’ future-soul project REFS returns in style with Forever, his first offering of the year, which was also featured the other night on one of the latest episodes ever of Lena Duham’s show GIRLS. Lipkins’ trademark touch can be heard behind the shimmering electro-laden textures of the track, enhanced by retro-tinged synths and pounding drums. As usual, Richard Saunders has delivered a flawless and soulful vocal performance that adds consistency to the song.

Speaking on Forever, Zachary Lipkins said: “I think it was Tears for Fears where I was first like, wow, this is incredible music, but it’s also pop. That was sort of the bridge to pop music. Then I became invested in, okay, how could I take all these textures and environments that I’m familiar with and that are important to me and that I love and make it available for everybody to appreciate? I wanted to make stuff that I was really proud of, from where I was coming from.

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