Rebecca Clements – Bad Tv / Spiral

Bristol-based promising singer/songwriter Rebecca Clements has announced the release of her new EP Bad Tv later in June. While she shared the title-track only a few days ago, a first excerpt from the upcoming record titled Spiral has been unveiled a month ago and – we profess mea culpa here – we totally missed it. Both tracks reveal Clements’impressive songwriting skills, which stand always in an electrified rock zone with frequent guitar strums and constant upright drums. Next to Margaret Glaspy‘s Emotions & Math, Rebecca Clements’ Bad TV EP (out June 17th) is defo the most eagerly awaited alt-rock record here at Going Solo.

Speaking on the thought-process behind Bad Tv, Rebecca says: “I could be watching the worst programme on TV but it didn’t matter because the company did, but when that person leaves your life, those programmes go back to being unbearable and shit. I wanted to reflect the phase of a breakup where you’re going out and getting pissed all the time to feel better when really it has the opposite effect so you stay in all day hungover as hell, flicking through the channels wishing they were there with you.