Rationale – Reciprocate

UK alt-soul main guy, Rationale, Reciprocate has dropped the third excerpt from his highly anticipated EP Vessels. The new track, which follows the title track and Prodigal Son, is called Reciprocate and adds some playful funky and disco elements to the trademark timbre of the Zimbabwe-born artist. Needless to say, just like everything else Rationale did do far, this song is an absolute stunner.

Speaking on the track, he explains: “The aim with ‘Reciprocate’ was to create a song that was fun to produce, but also that’s really danceable. It’s a hard feat to achieve but I think it works really well. It’s about that feeling of being in a relationship with somebody and they’re not giving 100%, while you’re the person who continuously wants to make this thing work, and in the end just feeling a sense of frustration.