Ralph – Tease

Following up three wonderful singles, Ralph returns in the new year announcing the release of her debut EP, which will be out on March 3rd and will include also other three yet-unreleased tracks. One of them can heard from today though, it’s called Tease and it’s an extremely catchy and danceable (of course) song, with Ralph’s saccharine vocals to lead the melody over a carpet of sparkling Nordic-tinged synths and beats.

Speaking on the track, Ralph said that she created “an 80’s pop tune that confronts an issue but still maintains optimism and energy.” Indeed, Tease is meant to be addressed to men that aren’t upfront about their commitments and the song “condones female friendship instead of competition.

The official video for the track was created by the Canadian popstress together with creative partner Gemma Warren. About the visuals, Ralph says: “Gemma literally danced in our kitchen the first time she heard Tease and we discussed the treatment from that moment.” Despite being a a trained dancer herself, she insisted on working with amateurs because she “preferred the organic movements that each girl brought to the table

Watch it below.