LA-based alt-pop singer/songwriter Rainey Qualley, a.k.a. RAINSFORD, has shared her latest effort Too Close, which serves as follow-up track to the previous S.I.D.. Produced by Nick Dungo, the song is an alluring soul-tinged pop offering that has its roots in the Eighties, but always maintaining a fresh and contemporary cut.

Speaking on the track to Earmilk, Qualley said: “‘Too Close’ is a really personal song for me. I wrote it about being in an unhappy situation and I realizing over time I need to get as far away from it as possible. But I wanted to write it in a way that sounded like a break-up song so that people could relate more easily. Since the motivation for writing it came from a dark place, I wanted to juxtapose that sonically and create a song that feels really good. I’ve been looking forward to putting this song out for a while. It’s very cathartic to share what (Producer/cowriter) Nick Dungo and I brought to life.