RAINSFORD – S.I.D. (Sunshine in December)

Rainey Qualley is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles that goes under the moniker of RAINSFORD. Born in NYC and raised in Asheville NC, her sound can be described as a mix electronic lo-fi indie-pop and soul, at least judging by her new single S.I.D. (Sunshine in December), a magnetic tune with a strong vintage aftertaste. So if you’re thinking of Lana now, you’d be not entirely wrong, but with less spangles and more spacey synth pad loops.

Speaking on the track, Qualley, who has a past as a country singer (yeah, just like TaySwift!) and happens to be also a successful model and actress – her mother is Andie MacDowell – said: “SID is an important and exciting song for me because it marks the realization of where I wanted to start my new project. I had been writing for a while searching for the right feeling and the right people to work with. After my co-writer (Nick Dungo) and I wrote SID I thought ‘this is the sound, this is the feeling, this is where I want to start my new beginning’. I have had to be patient and wait for the right time to finally share what we’ve been working on. I am thrilled to release new music that feels like sharing a piece of me.