Rainer – Hope / Satin / Glass / Dreams

After a bunch of singles that got immediately spotted and broadcasted by BBC1, producer Casually Here and singer Rebekah Raa (former Stricken City) have released, as Rainer, the stunning debut EP Hope / Satin / Glass / Dreams, via Kissability Records. Influenced, in their own words, by “music to listen to while staring out of the window of a night bus on the way home”, the four songs of the EP show two different and strong personalities.

On one side, Casually Here pursues his musical idea by digging deep into his background, coming from uk-garage/dubstep scene (both producer and performer), “stealing” the mood from RnB’s lushest tunes and mixing all with orchestral and classy synth-pop. On the other side, vocals and lyrics are exclusive competence of Rebekah Raa, who often puts her own life experience on the line, writing about love, future, friendship and, in a very straight and explicit way, sex. Rah’s voice allows her to be melancholic or seductive, to emphasize crucial points louder than anyone or whispering in your ear to share an intimate secret.

Rainer’s music could be dark and gloomy, but never in a negative or depressing way. A perfect combination between danceable ambitions and intimate emotions. Listen to Hope / Satin / Glass / Dreams in full below.