Quinn Lewis – Slipping

Australia born, Nashville based singer/songwriter Quinn Lewis has returned in style with Slipping, his latest single written in the aftermath of a broken relationship. The song blends classic R&B vibes and Quinn’s sultry voice with expanded synth layers, hand-claps and summery beats, creating an infectious soundscape that fits perfectly with the summer season.

Speaking to All Things Go, Quinn said: “I hope Slipping can be the song people want to hear on a night out, but even more so, that someone would listen and know that they aren’t alone. This song is about losing someone after trying so hard to hold on to them, and how much that sucks. Life goes on though and you just have to keep singing, keep moving, and keep on living. If at the end of the day you feel like just another lover you’re not alone in that but things will get better. That’s something I learned myself when writing this.

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