Premiere: We Are Not Afraid – Desholenation

We Are Not Afraid is an experimental art-techno duo from Padua, that is currently riding high on Italian club network through their live performance, where they aim to create an experience of pure tension followed by an inevitable katharsis. They gained important spots by opening for Dub FX, Pendulum, Aucan and now, after years of musical research, We Are Not Afraid’s debut LP is ready to be shared (you can check their first EP here). It’s called Holes and it will be out on November 19th through Irma Records, one of the oldest and most respected Italian label, well-known abroad for the Sex And The City soundtrack they released.

Today we’re very proud to introduce Desholenation, the first single from the record, as well as the first videoclip ever made by the band. It was filmed last summer in Ferrara by filmaker Fabrizio Oggiano. This is a stunning track, full of weird breakdowns, tight percussion and strange bass frequencies. Still, they’re all delivered by a big, fat, cheesy rave hook to keep the result very pop. Needless to say, the b/w video perfectly fits the amphetaminic feelings of the song.