Premiere: The Medicine Hat – St. Cecilia

Nabi Sue Bersche’s hypnotizing vocals gently floats on nebulae of sugary distortions, shimmering synths and soaring guitar lines in St. Cecilia, the brand-new contagious single from Ontario newcomer quintet The Medicine Hat. After having well impressed with their debut single New Survival, through this new bittersweet tune the five-piece definitely solidify themselves as a name to watch thanks to an extremely effective songwriting and a truly irresistible indie-pop attitude.

Speaking about the track¬†and its official video, Nabi stated:”St. Cecilia is a song for all the men who have ever harassed me. It’s a song for all the long stares and salacious grins, all the licked-lips and hey-sweethearts, all the shadows that walk a little too close behind me. It’s about the thick skin I put on when I walk alone or I’m on stage. I love the power of that skin, but I hate that I need to be tough to feel safe. Now a brief glance in the mirror turns to a thousand eyes ogling me up and down, unkind hands fussing with my appearance. They impair a kindness I used to carry so easily. St. Cecilia is my constant companion. The patron Saint of music, she’s with me in every dark bar, on every walk home. Watching my drink, watching my back, whispering a sweet melody in my ear.