Premiere: The Bloom – How It Starts

To breathe West Australia’s ocean air everyday, facing one of the most stunning seas of the world in a quite isolated capital, can lead to only one thing: inspiration. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Luke Kordyl is one of those people who was inspired by the city of Perth. After a year of traveling around the world, surfing and writing songs, he returned home to found The Bloom and reap the benefits of this inspiration. Their music reflects the two faces of the town where it has been recorded: breezy and catchy to keep you company during the hot days on the beach, but also with a darker side for the lonely nights.

Luke said about his songs: “I just wanted to make fun music that’s easy to listen and move to and is entertaining. Travelling for as long as I did chasing waves really opens your eyes to what’s going on around you and that every little scenario you find yourself in is worthy of a story. That’s what I think our songs are. Short stories set to music“.

How It Starts is the first single ever from The Bloom and will make perfectly clear the idea of what’s hidden behind Kordyl’s songwriting. It will be available for free download from May 1t5th to anyone who signs up to the band’s mailing list. Meanwhile, listen below.