Premiere: San Felu – Sanctuary Blues

It doesn’t take long before realizing that San Felu is much more than a music projet. In fact, it also serves as the catharsis of PJ Pearson, a British singer/songwriter who pours into his songs all the emotions and the personal demons of a life, hidden behind the fascinating but cryptic lyrics that Pearson emphasizes with his low, Berninger-alike vocal timbre. Produced by James Bragg, San Felu’s sophomore single Sanctuary Blues¬†takes the comparison to The National to the limit, digging deep through a sonic progression that leads to a highly emotional climax, before fading away escorted only by a carpet of soft drums, light guitars and obviously Pearson’s charming voice.

PJ Pearson is know also as one half of dream-folk act Liu Bei and co-writer of Grace Lightman’s Vapour Trails. Speaking of his solo work, he says: “San Felu initially started in the studio, I was in a state of flux at the time, and wanted to delve into the detail with the writing, get heavy on the lyrics. It’s really a reflection of my life in the West Country, here it’s all crisp and rich, that’s what I wanted to get on record. I’m also totally obsessed with 20th century Sci Fi novels, Nick Cave and old national geographic photo stock. It’s a soundtrack for people on the edge, wherever that edge may be…