Premiere: ROTH – UP2U

Sibling electro-pop duo ROTH made an impressive debut last year thanks to the single We Are, which amassed more than 78 thousand of plays on Soundcloud in the past 5 months. Today Gustav and Julia Roth are finally ready to share its follow-up, a new track called UP2U that immediately sounds more luxurious and conveys a tangible sense of magnitude. Produced by the pair with the help of Mountainbird, the song opens as a slow, dark electronic ballad where Julia’s voluptuous voice introduces us to something that turns out soon to be a feast of heavy bass synthesizers, sampled sparkling guitars and multilayered heartfelt vocals.

Speaking about UP2U, ROTH said that it’s “about having the courage to do
what you believe in
” – and then they added that’s also a “questioning in how we treat our environment and nature. How easy it is, wanting to take responsibility, but in the end not doing anything and blame everyone else. We think that the way we treat our environment, surrondings and nature also says a lot about us; how we treat those we love and ourselves.