Premiere: Oli Hannaford – Victoria

You can tell alot about an artist by what’s on his playlist. Oli Hannaford cites among his musical influences some of the most important acts of contemporary alt-R&B, such as Chet Faker, D’Angelo and his majesty James Blake. But there’s also jazz’s Prince of Darkness Miles Davis on that list. So, for his first self-produced track, the London-based songwriter has tried to pay a pledge to those artists who, indirectly, have heavily influenced his musical path so far. Oli Hannaford’s sophomore single Victoria is an alluring tune where Oli’s soulful voice winds, develops and entwines with smooth drums and lush synths, colliding into a futuristic production that helps to build a melancholic yet seductive vibe, to which is just not possibile to resist. Applause.

Speaking about the song title, Oli says: “I named the song Victoria after i moved to London. Victoria was the first station I came to after i decided to. A lot of people will be asking whether the girl in the artwork is called Victoria, she’s not! Haha.