Premiere: Nausica – The Molecules Fall Closer EP

Out today (on iTunes), The Molecules Fall Closer is the sophomore EP of Dutch band Nausica. It’s their second release on short format to anticipate the band’s proper debut album, which is hopefully out next year. Coming from three different countries (Germany, Poland and of course Netherlands), Nausica clearly took their musical output (which would please fans of Fiona Apple, Joan As Police Woman, PJ Harvey, and basically every band that focalize arrangements and melodies around a soulful, velvet voice) to the next level.

After an US premiere on Under The Radar, the band’s ready to show what they’ve got also on Going Solo, with an extra gift for our readers only: following the three simple steps through the ZYPE widget, you can grab a digital copy of their previous self-titled EP. For free. Cool, isn’t it?