Premiere: M!R!M – Flowers In Bloom

Iacopo Bertelli’s not only 1/2 Leave The Planet, but also the owner of another, equally awesome project: M!R!M. Almost one year after his debut LP Heaven, the guys over at Noisey premiered his new video for Reel, the A-side of a brand new 7”, which is set to be released today via Manic Depression Records.

B-side Flowers In Bloom is unveiling today, together with a slo-mo video, and is less gloomy/obsessive than its counterpart. It’s a pure, uplifting dream-pop piece, marked by reverbed guitars, glitteredbsynths and ethereal super-subtle shoegaze-styled vocals. It’s a really Leave The Planet-sounding track, indeed. Applause.

Videoclip is a mix of slow motion videos taken by The Slow Mo Guys.