Premiere: Molly Moore – Free Spirit

Being born into a family of musicians can only be a good thing if your dream is to become a pop star. Molly Moore, the New York rearer, Los Angeles based singer, couldn’t ask for anything more with both parents involved in the music scene. The premiere song you are going to hear today is her new single entitled Free Spirit, produced by Craig Dodds (Massive Attacks) and “it’s about the people’s struggle as a society that’s constantly being diagnosed”.

The tune is a collection of space pop experimentalism in a breath-taking overview of shuddering rhythms and dizzying synth lines which pumps blood to brain creating an ultra modern sound. The tribal tinged beats swollen over the soulful vocal loops bolster by pop style hooks into a twirl of psychedelic grooves. A mellow three minutes song that deserves to be heard and enjoyed. Turn those headphones up and get on over to her Facebook page for all the details. Don’t miss out!