Premiere: Maiole – Unsure (But There’s More)

Maiole is an italian multi-instrumentalist with a boundless passion for disco and the most sophisticated electronic music. He’s only 20 years old but, with already two EPs on his back, is now ready to release his debut full length Last For Motifs. Today we want to introduce Unsure (But There’s More), the second single to be taken from the album. The song is the perfect rappresentation of Maiole’s aestetichs made of French Touch-esque textures, lo-fi vocals, retro synths and an irresistible funky groove. The track and the entire LP have been first conceived on an iPad, then brought into the studio where new technology has been replaced with old analog synths and guitars.

Speaking about the track, Maiole says: “‘Unsure’ is a song about daydreaming while you’re waiting. I’m a very punctual person and feel bad wasting time, which probably makes me feel worse than when i’m losing money. So, waiting for late people has become my daydreaming time, which is a big thing in my life.I see myself daydreaming about girls in a club. I wrote the motif for this song on my notepad, drawing notes in a very fancy way. It’s probably the most visual song on the record, with a disco feel, albeit with a sense of space in the vocals and harmonies“.

Last For Motifs will be released on February 15th via Collettivo HMCF.