Premiere: Love The Unicorn – Melted

Rome-based hyper-cool kiddos Love The Unicorn are among the most interesting Italian new bands around. SPORTS, their first EP, was a collection of dream-pop songs set between early-Phoenix and everything Captured Tracks released from 2010 to 2012 (short: veeeery good). Now, LTU are back with a new track, the first excerpt from A Real Thing, their long awaited debut LP. It’s called Melted and shows some slighty different nuances to the bands sound, without turning upside-down any trademark. Typical dreamy guitars and reverberated vocals leave open space to slow-paced, blurry psych-pop melodies: a perfect evolution.

Love The Unicorn stated about the new single: “Melted was written in one go. We wanted the track to overstep our sound a bit and, as soon as it was finished, we thought about using it as the opener of our new LP; this was even before the guys at WWNBB suggested to release it as the first single. The lyrics were written just before entering the studio, and the repetition of the word “real” persuaded us to make it a part of the album’s title. It is perhaps the most important song of the new record and we’re really looking forward to play it live.

Listen below.

A Real Thing was recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Caperchi at Red Carpet Studio and will be out on January 22nd via We Were Never Being Boring (Be Forest, Brothers In Law).

This is the complete tracklist:
1. Melted
2. Hate Forever
3. Sunny Day In Rome
4. Don’t Look At Me That Way
5. Misbehave
6. Weekend
7. Running Daze
8. Homeless
9. Fence
10. Acid Rain