Premiere: KYYN – In My Dreams

When KYYN debuted her single Walk on Water, I immediately thought that I’d have loved to hear more music from her. It doesn’t happen very often, even if I’m a music enthusiast. Sometimes a new song is simply enough, other times a new project has something that intrigues you to a deeper level, like KYYN indeed.

So today I’m genuine excited to share with you a new song from the classically trained artist from Brooklyn. Despite the mellow synths and the soft & tender vocals that unravel over a measured bass line (courtesy of co-producer JULIUS), In My Dreams is a strong and fierce response to a former love. As KYYN herself said to us, “I’m essentially talking to him when I say ‘I don’t need you in my dreams’ because I didn’t only want to see him in my dreams, but in reality, flesh and blood!” – and then she added – “the process of the song started out with my voice and then layering it again and again until I came up with quite a bit of harmonies because I wanted it to sound as wispy and breezy as possible.

Listen below.