Premiere: JYLDA – Unchange Your Mind

JYLDA is the moniker of Gianna Gehlhar, singer/songwriter/producer based in Berlin. She’s somehow also connected with our country, because her alias derives from Gilda, the main character of Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. But don’t worry, even if we are quite open minded here at Going Solo, we’re not premiering an opera piece, but instead her latest exquisite poppy single Unchange Your Minds. Nevertheless, years of opera studies are clearly audible on JYLDA’s impeccable vocals which make the pair with minimalistic r’n’b flavored percussions and funky guitars on the background. A smart blend of classical textures and modern production, for a track that with its contagiuos ‘ooh ooh ooh‘ will get stuck in your head all day long.

Speaking about Unchange Your Minds, JYLDA stated: “The song is about the moment after having made a decision. It’s about the sensation not to be able to turn back and about longing for what one decided against“.