Premiere: Humfree Bug Art – Flya Hya

Stockholm-based experimental four piece Humfree Bug Art has just find a way out of a weird crisis that made the band split up and right after get back together using music and lyrics as a sort of therapy to overcome problems and divisions. The result is a ready-to-go album called Nuthin/Sumthin from which this brand new single Flya Hya has been taken. It is a multi-layered alt-rock track with crooked paths, filtered vocals and tons of percussions that made me think about some of Spencer Krug’s amazing projects like Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Really, you can easily feel like you’re loosing yourself in a labyrinth with no exit.

This is what lead singer Arvid Jonsson said about the LP: “The whole record is about the Swedish “jantelag”, and the problems you face when you think you have to handle your shit on your own, which in itself causes even more trouble”.

Nuthin/Sumthin is out on May 13th via Strangers Candy (Francis, Grapell).